The Lan Party has come and gone. It was great fun. But now at we have a new mission. Meet the GeekCode Decrypter team.


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GCD is currently out for: VisualBasic6 and C
OMG OMG!!! Graphix has a new build...THAT COVERS IT ALL! 
(program not subject to knowing odd ball things like GED/J. Keep it clean, keep it simple, and we can tell you what it's all about.)

What can you do to help? Email us with suggestions, bug reports, and the will to help us code in languages we currently don't support!

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    Graphix: In charge of the VB source for the GCD. Check back in a few days for his current beta build. Email him about bugs 

    V0.9.3 BETA is out! It now codes for ALL standard variables. It does GED, but not GED/J. You may have to modify the GeekCode slightly to get it to work. If GCD see's something it doesn't know, it simply skips it and goes on with it's work. This keeps the program from crashing and dieing on you. Please Email me bug reports and tips on how to improve my code. I am now also releasing the source. (Note: I ran through this VERY quickly so when you look at the code, it's very easy to see how things work. That is if you like ElseIf's :) )      

    Core: He is writing up the JAVA source for GCD. He claims to be coming along great. His source should be here soon also. 

    D-Aliegri: With his C skills he is whipping out what is to be the most famous build of GCD. Sure to be a hit with all the open source operating system geeks who can't wait to decode their friends .signature files. (New Code as of 11:35pm EST 5/12/00)

 errors in geekcode.c

Development notes
------------------- -  -    -    -          -              -
a GCS/M/ doesn't give an error, it just repeats 'Geek of Math'. Report error.

make sure it enforces () before >. [fixed]

d ones that have letters after it ( dx , dpu ) ... make a switch for reading at post time? [fixed]

is d-(pu) legal?

have to rethink for size .. has ':'

fix s_oth for PGP.

allow extensions?
put everything in a file...

allow ? in () ...

@ can be in all three, but only at the END of the list.
$, again only at end.
! is only before or after. nothing allow after. -- eg, G! can't be GTW/!,
since ! is 'of no qualifications', and TW IS a qualification!
() can't be allow in a rating,
can we have a $ in ()? -- not allowing.
------------------ thus...
! only before or directly after.
? only after and nothing allowed after.
$ only after n & w
@ after +/-, but not in >'s or ()S

what about @= $? hash used.

check for open )'s when :.

areas that can have values... paren, wannabe
after : all 3 repeated.

for file....


will recenter based on 0, therefore wrong ones with cut off on the test..
as will incorrect ! and ?. incorrect chars at the end will not match.

say if $ isn't allowed. ( no $ for height! .. or not? )

make sure c++(+)+ doesn't work!

if type != ' ' && val  == 42  ) printf("haha,smartass.");exit(1);

matter to parser +-()>$@!?:
done:              ^^^^^^^^
--------------rebuild all done.

a var++$(++$) isn't valid.
 check type after intial parsing is done.

parsing engine looks good. [5.12.2000:10:32]   


Have something you want to ask in general? Feel free to contact


What to come after we finish this goal? What else but a Geek Code GENERATOR! \

Page last worked on at \ Copyright 2000 All code and source is free to distribute as long as a copy of the newly modified code is sent back the original author.